Discover a Whole New Style of Match 3 !

Crystalinx delivers a whole new style of match 3 puzzle game, nothing  like you've ever seen before. No swapping, no grids! Slide and  rearrange the crystals any way you want to make matches, chains,  cascades, and combos! Thinking one or more moves ahead can really pay  off!

Crystalinx is friendly for beginners, but lets advanced players exploit opportunities to score big points, by putting you in charge,  not the game board. Each powerup has its own influence on strategy, as  well as each board layout.

Crystalinx is not about "popping"  everything in sight, like all the gem & jewel match 3 games, it's  about flow and change, a whole different philosophy.

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"Crystalinx  is a great game with a simple concept, yet tons of different aspects  that will keep you challenged for a long time." -

“So fun. You have choices of how you wish to play. Its fun linking. Keeps mind sharp. Love the rainbow selection choices.” - Customer Review

* 14 board layouts with their own unique strategies (advanced boards invoke Rubik's cube-like moves!).
* 3 play modes: limited moves, limited time, and endless
* 6 amazing powerups to choose from: color targets, rainbow balls, reassemble shards, extra time, double score, and freeze time!
* For extra replay value, random zone gives you a random board with a random powerup every level!
* Global Leaderboard Rankings

Available on all leading platforms (iOS soon)!


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